The general terms and conditions given below (hereinafter, 'General Conditions') apply to all the services (hereinafter referred to as 'Services' or individually 'Service') provided by Celiacguest LTD based in San Pietro al Tanagro (SA) in S.P. 426 km 9 + 100 (hereinafter 'Celiacguest'), a company that manages the Celiacguest site. The user of the Services (hereinafter, 'User' or 'Users'), which is registered in or use any of the Services, must accept the Terms and Conditions, which will also be applicable to the Services that will be provided in the future to Users , unless it is otherwise provided at registration or the first delivery of the new service. Some services, however, regulated by the General Conditions, are in fact also subject to special terms and conditions ( 'Special Conditions'), in view of their nature and / or of their characteristics, which are communicated to users in the manner indicated in Article 2 . The General Conditions and Special Conditions (hereinafter, collectively, the 'Conditions of Contract' or 'Contract') are still subject to the Legislative Decree 22.5.1999 n. 185 on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts, taking into account the possible gratuity of services, except for the cost of installation and / or telephone or data relating to Internet access, which shall be entirely borne by the user. The User is thus entitled to terminate the Contract, without penalty, within 10 working days from the day of registration, by sending of the notification provided in article 2.

  1. Terms and conditions for use of the Services.
    To register for or use the Services you must fill out the form that appears on the screen when registering: Celiacguest srl User requires certain personal data. The processing of such data is carried out according to which the privacy notice prior to the registration process. By accepting the Conditions of Contract, the User declares that their personal data are correct, true and correct. The User also agrees to promptly update the data recorded so they are constantly updated, complete and truthful. Celiacguest srl may at any time, and without notice, suspend or terminate the Services. In particular, Celiacguest S.r.l. You may terminate the Services with immediate effect and without prior notice, in the following cases: 1) When the User does not provide personal information updated, complete and truthful. 2) When the User uses the Services for illegal purposes or for the transmission or exchange of material that is unlawful, harassing, racist, libelous or defamatory, invasive of another's privacy, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar, obscene or otherwise objectionable or violates, or may violate, intellectual or industrial property rights or other rights of third parties; which causes annoyance, disturbance or damage in any way, to minors (violence, child abuse, exploitation, etc.). 3) When the user uses the services for the transmission or exchange of viruses, chain letters, or for the unwanted distribution and bulk e-mail. 4) When you violate the Terms and Conditions or the Special Conditions applicable to the Service.
  2. Changes to the Conditions of Contract.
    The User expressly authorizes Celiacguest srl to send to your e-mail address, even via a link to the relevant pages of Celiacguest, the General Conditions, any Special Conditions and any subsequent amendments, which constitute all contractual terms of the provision of the Services. The User agrees to print on paper or in an adequate support and to keep the General Conditions, Special Conditions and any subsequent amendments, which were made to them later. Continued use of even one the Service will constitute a confirmation of its intention to adhere to the General Conditions, any Special Conditions and its subsequent amendments. The Services are provided for an indefinite period, subject to the right of Celiacguest to suspend or terminate the provision of services, with reasonable notice and without any liability to the Users, which in turn may at any time terminate the Contract in the manner indicated in the initial e-mail confirming the activation or through communication by electronic mail to the email address info@celiacguest.com, subsequently confirmed in writing to Celiacguest Srl at the above address. Celiacguest srl It reserves the right to change from time to time the General Conditions or the Special Conditions, subject to notice to you via a message on the startup screen before the subsequent use of any of the Services. The user has the right to terminate the Agreement in case you do not accept these new conditions, in the manner indicated in the preceding paragraph.
  3. User Password and security.
    The User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the password and user. In addition, the User assumes sole responsibility for all its activities within the Services and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Celiacguest srl from any claims, demands or threats relating to or arising from the use or abuse of his participation in the Services. The user agrees to immediately notify Celiacguest srl to the email address info@celiacguest.com any unauthorized use of your user ID and / or password or any other breach of security that you become aware. You can change your password by asking at info@celiacguest.com which will be supplied personal data access.
  4. Ban on resale and commercial use of the Services.
    Your right to use the Services is personal and not transferable. You can only be a natural and can not therefore be a legal person, group or other organization, even without legal personality. Users may not resell or make any other commercial use of the Services, without the written consent of Celiacguest.
  5. link.
    Celiacguest or users can provide links to other sites or other Internet resources. The User understands and acknowledges that Celiacguest can not be liable or responsible for the operation of such external sites or resources. Celiacguest is not bound to control and does not control the content of such websites and assumes no responsibility for the content and / or material, including advertising, on such sites or external resources or the products or services offered therein. Such products or services may not be considered in any way sponsored, shared or supported by Celiacguest srl and consequently the User assumes all liability for purchases made of such products or services.
  6. Rights of Celiacguest properties.
    The User expressly acknowledges that all intellectual property rights, protectable under the rules relating to copyright law (Title IX of Book V of the Civil Code, Art. 2575-2594 Civil Code and Law no. 633/1941, as amended by Legislative Decree. No. 169/1999) or any other provision, including, by way of example, know-how, source code, software, hardware, projects, applications, patents, trade secrets, formulas, algorithms, models, databases and the like, relating to services, data and other materials from Celiacguest or otherwise made available to User by Celiacguest Srl under the Contract remain the exclusive property of Celiacguest Srl, which grants you a personal, non-transferable and non-exclusive license to use the Services on a single computer in accordance with the Conditions of Contract, being in any case understood that the User You may not copy, modify, sell, assign, sublicense, give or transfer to third parties or create derivative works from any right to Celiacguest Srl, or allow third parties to do so by either you or your computer, even without his knowledge. If the User makes available to Celiacguest Srl, for distribution using Celiacguest, materials or publications in relationship to which both parties holding the related intellectual property rights, Celiacguest srl It shall be deemed authorized by you to the economic exploitation of these rights, which is connected to the said publication or dissemination, with a waiver by you of any consideration, without the moral right to be recognized.
  7. Disclaimer of Warranties.
    You acknowledge that the use of the Services is at your own risk. The Services are provided 'as is' and 'as available.' Celiacguest srl It offers no guarantee that the Services correspond to the requirements of the User, or that they are uninterrupted, secure or error free; Moreover Celiacguest srl It does not offer any guarantee of results expected, desired or obtained through the use of the Services.
  8. Disclaimer.
    Celiacguest srl We accept no responsibility for any claims by the User relating to the inability to use the Services for any reason. Celiacguest srl does not assume responsibility for damages, claims or losses, direct or indirect, caused to the user for failure and / or malfunctioning of electronic equipment User or of third parties, including Internet Service Providers, telephone and / or computer connections not directly managed by Celiacguest Srl or persons for which it is responsible. Celiacguest srl can not be held in breach of its obligations nor liable for damage due to non-provision of services due to malfunctioning of the electronic means of communication due to circumstances outside the sphere of the company's control, including, without limitation, fire , natural disasters, lack of energy, lack of telephone lines or other suppliers of network services, malfunctioning of computers and other electronic devices, also not an integral part of the Internet network, malfunction of software installed by the user, as well as actions of other users or other persons with access to the network.
  9. Indemnification.
    You agree to use the Services only for lawful and allowed by the current legal provisions regulating purposes, the uses and customs, rules of diligence, in each case without infringing the rights of any third party, the user means of communication or not, and paying particular attention to the data protection rules, the laws on intellectual and industrial property protection and legislation on telecommunications. You assume full responsibility for the content of messages and texts sent by his or her name to third parties through the Services, one commits himself as responsible and that Celiacguest Srl, and the persons related to it or controlled by it, its representatives , employees or any of Celiacguest partners from any claim for consequential damages or compensation and reimbursing Celiacguest Srl any costs arising from claims or actions by third parties for damages caused by you or any person authorized by you to access the Services.
  10. Special conditions.
    Services described below by the adjacent Special conditions. The 'Community Services' or Celiacguest those services offered by the community of users, among which include, without limitation, forum, mailbox and personal pages. The Community Services are subject to the following Special Conditions:
    a) Celiacguest Role. Celiacguest acts as a supplier of virtual spaces, where they are offered the Community Services. Celiacguest no surveillance or control over the content of the interventions or messages conveyed in the network by the users through the Community Services and therefore accepts no liability in this regard. Even if any of the Community Services provides the figure of a 'Webmaster', the latter will be limited to organize the flow of messages sent by users without any prior control over them and then either the Webmaster that Celiacguest not assume any responsibility for content from its clients.
    b) Rights of Celiacguest Celiacguest is not required to make any substantive audit work on compliance with the law, editing or ascertaining the truth, merits and not misleading nature of the information provided, nor to carry out investigations on the specific content of the reports and / or products covered by messages of the Services . In all cases, the user will not be given any right to challenge the decisions of Celiacguest or being indemnified or compensated by anyone. In addition, the user will be required to indemnify and hold harmless from any claim Celiacguest it advanced to him by legitimate third parties.
    c) personal data transmitted Celiacguest
    d) limitation of liability Celiacguest You are wholly responsible for the content of the information and texts sent to Celiacguest, one commits himself as responsible and that Celiacguest from any claim for consequential damages or compensation and reimbursing Celiacguest any costs arising from claims or actions of third parties based on infringement of intellectual property rights of third parties or the commission of unfair competition issues made by the user through the Services.
    e) Rules of Netiquette.
    About taking advantage of Community Services, Users are obliged to respect the rules of 'netiquette' (good manners on the Net) which, by way of example:
    - use the Community Services for lawful purposes, always using tones and expressions conform to the norms of civil coexistence;
    - not to use the Community Services for commercial or advertising purposes;
    - not to use the Community Services to threaten or harass other participants, to spread obscene, defamatory, invasive of another's reputation or otherwise contrary to public policy or morality or likely to cause harm or offense to other participants or third parties;
    - do not spread through the Community Services materials or content protected by intellectual property rights of others without permission of the owner;
    - do not spread through the Community Services confidential information or harming of another's privacy;
    - respect the age limit required for the use of the Community Service selected;
    - respect and follow the issues falling within the area of ??interest of the group and to refrain from disseminating inappropriate material within the Services.
    f) Compliance with the terms of Community Services. Violation of Rules of Netiquette indicated in paragraph d) may be denounced in Celiacguest, which is authorized to remove the material reported and to take the measures provided for in Article 1 of the General Conditions, subject in each case the other remedies provided for by law.
    CELIACGUEST è un progetto realizzato con il concorso di risorse del FESR nell'ambito del PON Ricerca e Competitività 2007-2013, per un importo di € 88.741,82.