Gluten-free travel

Eating out gluten-free or on the road is not difficult, but requires some special attention ... Gluten is in fact not only present in most products based on widespread cereal in our common power supply, but also as a food additive in many preparations. And so, it may be easier to focus on those products allegedly made from gluten - pasta, bread, pizza, cakes -, particular caution is required in the consumption of foods that are naturally gluten-free instead - meat, fish, vegetables -.

This is true not only for pre-packaged products, where our aid can be labeling with explicit endorsements, but also and especially for feeding outside the home, in a restaurant, a bar, an ice cream shop , all cases in which the gluten can be present not only as an additive or thickener but also as an effect of contamination during the preparation process. The greatest help that comes to our rescue is represented by informed local lists. Sufficiently we know the rules that such spaces are required to observe and, as usual, we talk with the staff in order to operate our security checks. The main difficulties encountered when traveling abroad, on the occasion of which often continues to accompany us a little extra baggage dedicated to food supplies, to be kept available in case of need.
However, besides Italian AIC, other foreign associations provide lists of local suitable for coeliacs. At the same time there is no regulation or common procedures underlying the compilation of these lists, the type of training they receive and the local inspections or inspections which are bound when necessary.
Or it can happen, as is normal, that a local has changed management or otherwise eliminated the offer gluten free and that the list has not been updated. And this implies, adding back different culinary cultures and languages, a small supplementary dose of attention.

These lists, if any, may be required to associations of celiac disease in the countries in which we intend to bring us, with a little 'prior to our departure date. But this should not detracting from the pleasure of the trip! Celiacguest want to group all the places that offer attention to celiac disease in an updated list and integrated by the travelers themselves, so you can safely and easily decide to leave at the last minute. Have a good trip!